NameMinion Lesser Warlock Wrong Eye & Snapjaw Box
Erscheinungstermin8. Juli 2009
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Wrong Eye & Snapjaw
The bokor Wrong Eye emerges from the swamp like a shrewd, reptilian oracle. All who live in the bayous know the legend of the gatorman and hope to avoid his capricious wrath and his guardian Snapjaw. The oversized alligator is never far, lingering just submerged beneath the water's surface until goaded to battle. Unimaginably fierce when driven to a killing frenzy, Snapjaw will continue to devour until it drowns its primordial hunger in a tide of meat and blood.

Wrong Eye & Snapjaw come in a box. Wrong Eye & Snapjaw will work for any HORDES faction. A player may field one Wrong Eye & Snapjaw in his horde.


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