NameMilitary Order (PanOceania Sectorial Starter Pack)
ErscheinungsterminDezember 2010
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This new Sectorial Starter Pack, unlike the precedent
ones, is a miniature box containing a compilation of not released figures.
The best choice to start, at least, a Military Order Sectorial Army, also
known as the Knights’ Army. Despite all their advanced and ballistically
oriented technology, the PanOceanian players also can call on the
religious fervour and unique combat styles of its Military Orders. In this
box you will find: 3 Sergeants of Order, with Combi Rifle, the core of
this Sectorial Army; 1 Sergeant Specialist, the TO camouflaged
infiltrator, providing advance support with his sniper rifle; 1 Magister
Knight with Panzerfaust, the most CC oriented Order Knight with powered
armour; and 1 Teutonic Knight with Combi Rifle, known by his outrageous
warlike fervor, the deadly Teutonic is the most fanatical warrior knight
in the battle. Infinity combat is all about action, right? So put the
action back in your PanOceanian army lists with the Military Orders, in
the name of the Lord and the Hyperpower!


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