NamePathfinder GameMastery Combat Pad: Extra Magnet Pack
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Where have all your magnets gone? Replenish your dwindling supply of GameMastery Combat Pad magnets! Extra Magnet Pack makes it possible to orchestrate epic battles—or simply replaces missing magnets!

  • Use a wet- or dry-erase marker to write PC, NPC, and enemy names on blue, green, and black magnets respectively.
  • The turn arrow magnet clearly shows who is next, so you’ll never accidentally skip someone again.
  • The round arrow points to the current round number, so you’ll know exactly where you are in combat.
  • The next round magnet reminds you to move the round arrow and to check the notes section of the GameMastery Combat Pad for expired spells or effects
    Combat Pad XMP includes:
  • 8 blue player character magnets
  • 8 black enemy magnets
  • 4 green non-player character magnets
  • 2 round arrows
  • 2 turn arrows
  • 2 next round magnets

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