NameFallout: Wasteland Warfare - Super Mutants: Suiciders
article numberMUH051240
EAN / ISBN5060523340293
Release dateMai 2018
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In Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, players will build their own crew from a wide range of factions, allies and iconic characters from the Fallout series, and play in apocalyptic games of 3 - 30 high quality 32mm scale resin miniatures through a huge variety of iconic scenery and settlement buildings, from the Red Rocket to Sanctuary Hills, Nuka-Cola vending machines and wrecked cars.

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This Fallout: Wasteland Warfare set contains 32mm scale high-quality multi-part resin miniatures with scenic bases. Requires some assembly. Supplied unpainted. Each set provides an expansion to your game with new cards for player vs player and AI game modes.


3x Super Mutant Suiciders, 3x Scenic bases


2x Large cards: Unit, AI and 10+ Small cards from a range of: Item (Weapon, Equipment, Chem), Boost, Explore, Event, Wasteland (Danger, Creature, Stranger)


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