NameDark Souls: The Board Game - Gaping Dragon Expansion
EAN / ISBN5060453692554
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Your fate has led you to the winding corridors of the flooded and labyrinthine Depths, distant from the light of the sun. Here you find the Gaping Dragon, an abomination hideously transformed by its ravenous hunger. Can you defeat this vile creature and escape its vicious maw, or will you fall to the endless voracity that lies ahead?

Gaping Dragon
Mega Boss Game Board
4x Level 4 Encounter Cards
15x Boss Behaviour and Data Cards
2x Boss Treasure Cards
Gaping Dragon Boss Dial
4x Corrosion Tokens
Rules Leaflet

The Gaping Dragon Expansion introduces the Corrosion condition, making even the most heavily-armoured Unkindled vulnerable.
The Gaping Dragon Expansion features an iconic boss from Dark Souls™ - a real nostalgia boss for veteran fans of the franchise.
The Gaping Dragon is the largest Mega Boss in the range, making it an essential purchase for player's collections.
Due to the impressive size of this model, it comes partially pre-assembled with additional pieces, being an easy plug-to-play appropriate for modellers of any skill level.

The Gaping Dragon introduces a brand-new condition called Corrosion. Corrosion makes even the most armoured characters vulnerable.
Features a gigantic, beautiful PVC miniature of the Gaping Dragon, and massive Mega Boss board where the encounter takes place.
Unique Level 4 encounters adding a whole new element of exploration and level of challenge leading to the iconic Mega Boss encounters.


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