NameDark Souls: The Board Game - Black Dragon Kalameet Expansion
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As you adventure through the Royal Wood do not allow the death Dark Souls™ scenery to distract you, for in the world of always awaits. Black Dragon Kalameet is a fierce embodiment of that fate, as dark in colour and nature as its name suggests, with the chaos gem glowing balefully between its eyes. Do you have the courage and skill to overcome the black dragon and its malevolent Mark of Calamity?

Black Dragon Kalameet
Mega Boss Game Board
4x Level 4 Encounter Cards
22x Boss Behaviour and Data Cards
2x Boss Treasure Cards
Black Dragon Kalameet Boss Dial
4x Calamity Tokens
Rules Leaflet

The Black Dragon Kalameet Expansion features a brand new behaviour mechanic - Strafe, as well as the Calamity condition, both of which are sure to push Unkindled to the brink of undeath.
Fans of the Dark Souls™ franchise are sure to be excited to see such an iconic adversary rendered in plastic on the tabletop. Due to the impressive size of this model, it comes partially pre-assembled with additional pieces, being an easy plug-to-play appropriate for modellers of any skill level.

Black Dragon Kalameet introduces a new condition called Calamity. Calamity makes even the sturdiest of characters vulnerable, so proceed with caution!
Brand new Strafe rules which represent the fearsome dragon swooping up and down the Royal Wood breathing flame from its mouth. Features a gigantic, beautiful PVC miniature of Black Dragon Kalameet, and massive Mega Boss board where the encounter takes place.
Unique Level 4 encounters adding a whole new element of exploration and level of challenge leading to the iconic Mega Boss encounters.


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