NameLiberator – Golden Crucible Light Warjack (metal/resin)
EAN / ISBN875582023736
ErscheinungsterminJuli 2018
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Crucible Arms ’jack mechaniks have taken the reliable Vanguard chassis and subjected it to systematic reconfiguration to produce several variant models, most notable among them the Liberator. To preserve the rare cortex materials required for traditional arc nodes, the Liberator is instead outfitted with an experimental new alchemical powered variant employing a formula of arcanely sensitive compounds. This apparatus is easier and cheaper to produce, allowing the Crucible Guard to deploy the machine in great numbers.

TRADE POINTS: The Liberator Light Warjack offers the only arc node in the Faction, so it is an invaluable asset for any Crucible Guard warcaster. It can be added to the Army Box (PIP 37001) when expanding the army beyond 50 points or when building an army with Aurum Lucanum Athanor Locke (PIP 37016).


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