NameDark Souls: The Card Game - Forgotten Paths Expansion
EAN / ISBN5060453693353
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The Flame is Fading. It is Time to Awaken.
Dark Souls™ - The Card Game is a cooperative deck evolution card game for 1-4 players. As you explore you will face a myriad of foes. Defeat them and you will gain souls and treasure you can use to evolve your deck to better fight your enemies. When you are ready, challenge the powerful bosses that lie within; only by conquering them can you choose the fate of the world.


411x cards (Character Data, Starting Decks, Bonfire, Treasure, Stamina, Remnant of Humanity, Encounter, Enemy, Boss),
3x Playing Boards,
61x Tokens,

Compact Box Size - makes storage and shipping easier & cheaper!
A complete boxed product including everything the player needs to play Dark Souls™ - The Card Game. The perfect opportunity to up-sell card sleeves!
The previous print run SOLD OUT in record time! You won't be able to keep this product on your shelves!

With it's innovative new game mechanics Dark Souls™ - The Card Game will provide a challenge to even the most seasoned card gamers.
Fans of Dark Souls™ - The Board Game will be itching to delve back into the grim-dark world of Dark Souls™.
Casual gamers will love the quick setup and length of play that Dark Souls™ - The Card Game offers.


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