NameFragged Empire: Fragged Seas
EAN / ISBN9780994609847
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Welcome to Fragged Seas and the world of Toil: a place of magic, myth, and adventure. Join the crew of a mighty ship and try to survive in a world consumed by the madness of ancient gods w ho have cursed the land and filled the world with magic and monsters.

Navigate the waters of the Faerie Sea, the only safe haven from their direct presence, but beware the greed of fierce pirates, the machinations of once-great empires, and the terrible monsters which hunt these dark waters. Toil was once home to mighty empires and proud nations. They tamed the land, fought wars, and made history their own. But then came the Rise, when a dark magic awoke the Esoterica ancient eldritch gods, the Esoterica, long trapped inside the Fallen Star that had once broken the world.

Now the remnants of Toil take to the Faerie Sea in an attempt to escape the gods. Here, the Free People are at an advantage, as they have long made their home among its many hidden and remote islands. Those new to the seas, such as the holy Kestrelt Empire, wealthy Tyvorosi Trade Guild, and the magical Shrajh, must adapt to this new life to survive. These nations clash as old grudges roar to the surface and fuel endless war, forcing smaller factions, like the deadly Ralkara and the indigenous God Born tribes, to take sides.

Welcome to a world of unrest and magic, of cannon-fire and blood-drenched shores, dark gods and monsters. A place of terror and adventure beyond measure where life is short, but unrelentingly packed with thrills, unfathomable cruelty, and the nobility of a rare shining deed of heroism in a broken world. Welcome to Toil.

This Book Requires the Fragged Empire Core Rule Book

The Rules
  • Sailing Ships
  • Manage your
  • Momentum in Combat

The Setting
  • Loot, Treasure and Greed
  • Eldritch Gods
  • Pirates
  • Exploration Mystery

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