NameOperation: Coldfront (2 players introductory Battle Pack)
EAN / ISBN2800200007308
ErscheinungsterminSeptember 2018
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“On the frozen steppes of Dawn, ALEPH has deployed one of her forward bases to fight against the Combined Army invaders. However, the Ariadnans suspect that it is just the first stage of a plot of the AI to increase her influence over their planet, and they will not allow that!”

This box contains all the miniatures, rules, and terrain you need to play Infinity Operation: Coldfront, and introduce you to Infinity 3rd edition.

Ariadna Starter Pack:
3x Line Kazaks (Rifle)
1x TankHunter (AP Rifle)
1x Veteran Kazak (AP Rifle)
1x Scout (Boarding Shotgun)
1x Armata-2 Proyekt "Ratnik" (Heavy Shotgun, HRL, Trench Hammer)

ALEPH Starter Pack:
3x Dakini Tacbots (Combi Rifle)
1x Shukra Consultant (Boarding Shotgun)
1x Yadu Trooper (MULTI Rifle)
1x Deva Functionary (Combi Rifle)
1x Naga (MULTI Sniper Rifle)

1x DAWN-02 APLEKTON Scenery Pack 1x Markers & Templates cardboard sheet 1x Full-color 92 page "Operation:Coldfront" booklet 3x Ariadna themed dice 3x ALEPH themed dice


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