NameMalady Man – Grymkin Unit (2) (metal/resin) Blister
EAN / ISBN875582024320
ErscheinungsterminApril 2019
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Not all music is pleasing to the ear, and it is with discordant, off-kilter harmonics and an uneven tempo that the Malady Man plays his fiendish instrument. He punishes those who lack conviction and are easily distracted to abandon work or to neglect their wards. Soldiers who stray from watch posts, mothers who let their children wander off, or laborers who stand idly by more than they work, all have been transfixed by the sound of his hand-cranked organ before being torn apart by the deranged monkey that joins him.

TRADE POINTS: The Malady Man and his monkey companion bring a cacophony of spells and destruction upon their enemies. As a potent control piece, the Malady Man helps you hamper enemy plans while his monkey friend is excellent as biting his way through packed enemy infantry. The Malady Man is extremely scary when paired with the Glimmer Imp (PIP 76022), which reduces enemy defense, ensuring your spells and attacks land.


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