NameModel Color Set: Infinity Nomads Exclusive Miniature
EAN / ISBN8429551702331
ErscheinungsterminJuni 2019
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This product allows you to own all the necessary colors to paint the models belonging to your favorite faction: Nomads.

This set includes an exclusive miniature that can only be found in this paint set: Alguacil (Medikit). You will also find the colors that you will need to paint your nomad army: Black (70.950), Medium Sea Grey (70.870), Hull Red (70.985), Burnt Red (70.814), Flat Red (70.957), Orange Fire (70.008), Sunny Skin Tone (70.845), and Ivory (70.918).

In addition to this, you can follow Ángel Giraldez’s step by step guide that he has made to help you paint your miniature to a spectacular finish.

A fundamental set designed for beginners in the hobby, amateur painters looking to expand your skills, or experts who want to have all the colours needed to paint their favourite miniatures in a single pack.


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