NameCarnitrons and Robo Brontox – Monsterpocalypse Uber Corp International Unit (metal/resin)
EAN / ISBN875582024719
ErscheinungsterminAugust 2019
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Carnitron (3)
Elite Carnitron (1)
Robo Brontox (1)

Uber Corp’s Automated Dinosauriformes Division is proud to present a number of mobile semi-autonomous fighting vehicles to fill a diverse array of battlefield roles. The Carnitron is intended for rapid adversarial disassembly, while the Robo Brontox is perfect for occupation operations and includes sophisticated jamming hardware and an encrypted WLAN package offering signals coordination and routing, as well as high-speed Internet streaming.

TRADE POINTS: This blister pack contains Uber Corp International units to expand your Destroyers force. Carnitrons are extremely versatile units able to sweep their tails through tightly packed enemies, or smash a nearby foe while blasting another farther down the street. Robo Brontoxs hold important territory, Jamming enemy abilities to perform actions and boosting the attacks of nearby allies.


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