NameCity of Mist Role-Playing Game MC Toolkit
EAN / ISBN9789659258758
ErscheinungsterminJuli 2019
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In this City, anyone could be a legend in disguise. King Arthur, Alice in Wonderland, or Tlaloc the Aztec Rain God live within regular Janes and Joes. The mythical is real, but no one can remember it. Millions of oblivious people walk these streets, thinking this City is ordinary, while the legendary skulk behind the veil of the Mist. Of the few who have become a Rift through this veil, many tap into their fantastical gifts to commit despicable crimes and unspeakable wrongs. The truth has never been so obscured... but perhaps there are still some who seek it.

As the Master of Ceremonies (MC) you are the showrunner of your City of Mist series. You create the mysterious cases and dark crimes that await to be uncovered by your crew; you portray the villains, monsters, and lost souls with whom they will cross paths; and you push the lead characters to stop holding back and discover who they really are.

This book contains everything the Master of Ceremonies (MC) needs to create and run her own City of Mist games:
The four major Districts in the city with sample NPCs and locations tropes
Insights into the hidden forces at play in the City
The rules for running the game as the MC
Comprehensive guides on noir narration and case writing
Dozens of ready-to-use City adversaries
Four fleshed-out villain operations
A complete sample case, “Gambling with Death”.


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