NameMutant: Year Zero - Maps & Markers Pack (Mutant Zero Supp.)
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Mutant: Year Zero Maps & Markers Pack

Mutant: Year Zero takes you to the world after the great Apocalypse. Humanity’s proud civilisation has fallen. The cities are dead wastelands, winds sweeping along empty streets turned into graveyards. But life remains. Among the ruins, the People live. You are the heirs of humanity – but not quite human anymore. Your bodies and minds are capable of superhuman feats. You are mutants.

This Mutant: Year Zero Maps and Markers Pack contains useful gaming aids for the award-winning Mutant: Year Zero roleplaying game.


  • Two large full-colour, double-sided Zone maps, depicting four major metropolitan areas in the world after the big apocalypse. Format: 720 x 465 mm.
  • No less than 108 game markers for keeping track of bullets, grub, water, Mutation Points and the passage of time in the Zone.

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