NameMutant Year Zero: Genlab Alpha Core (Post Apocalyptic RPG, Full Color, Hardback)
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Mutant: Genlab Alpha – Core Rulebook

During the great apocalypse, humanity fled to the depths of the underground enclaves. In genetic laboratories, researchers tried to breed a new being, splicing human and animal DNA, creating a beast intelligent yet strong enough to survive in the devastated world. The enclaves have fallen – but the animals’ fight for freedom has only just begun.

Mutant: Genlab Alpha is a complete stand-alone expansion to the award-winning Mutant: Year Zero roleplaying game.

Get ready for a furry mutant (r)evolution!

In this 240 page full colour hard back you’ll discover:

  • New rules, PC roles, skills and powers for mutant animals. The expansion includes all the rules you need to play!
  • A detailed description of Paradise Valley, the mountain valley where the animals are being held captive.
  • A description of the mysterious underground facility called the Labyrinth, where the Watchers dwell.
  • The complete campaign Escape from Paradise, letting the players lead the animals’ fight for freedom.
  • Unique strategic game mechanics for putting the players truly in charge of the Resistance, planning its operations.
  • An overview of how the mutant animals can travel to the Zone if they escape, and join the human mutants of Mutant: Year Zero.


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