NameMutant Year Zero: Zone Compendium 3: Die, Meat Eaters, Die! (Five MYZ Adventures)
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Zone Compendium 3: Die, Meat-eater, Die!

All she could hear was the throbbing of her own heart. The air reeked of gunpowder and blood. She placed the butt of her heavy firearm against her shoulder and yet again took aim toward the ruined buildings down the hill. Down there, between some decayed old car wrecks, lay three bodies. Enemies. Careless enemies. Dead enemies. But there were more of them out there. She knew it. She wouldn’t have to wait long. As on cue, again they came storming through the Zone smog, roaring. They ran straight toward her foxhole. Pink-skinned. Hairless. Disgusting. Soldier 317 roared back and opened fire.

“Die, meat-eaters, die!”

This Zone Compendium is an official supplement to the award-winning Mutant: Year Zero roleplaying game. This 36-page booklet is packed with five thrilling scenario locations.


  • The New Kingdom of Deeproot. The fanatic and militaristic mutant rabbits’ stronghold in the Zone, built after their escape from Genlab Alpha.
  • Blackhand’s Bar, the headquarters of the famed Zone Riders and the lair of their secretive leader
  • The Garbage Masters, a tribe of mutant toads who have made a huge ancient garbage dump their home. Many Zone dwellers flock to the scrap digs, hoping to strike it rich
  • The Island of Doctor Life, where a mysterious machine being who survived the fall of Genlab Alpha has settled. Is the machine friend or foe?
  • The Squirrel Wars, a tale of hounds and tail runners, locked in endless combat. Can the players break the cycle of violence and save the forest from destruction?

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