NameNi No Kuni 2: The Board Game
article numberSFNNK2001
EAN / ISBN5060453694046
Release date08.11.2019
On-sale date08.11.2019
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The Kingdom of Ding Dong Dell has fallen, usurped by Doloran, a man steeped in evil. Evan Tildrum, former king of Ding Dong Dell has decided to avoid conflict and build a new kingdom for his people to live in Evermore!

For now, Evermore is a dream, a hope of a bright future. To make this dream a reality you must work together to build it! Complete quests, gain resources, win the citizens round and you can build your perfect kingdom, where all peoples can live in peace and harmony. Contents:

1 Evermore Board
4 Character miniatures
4 Character cards
6 Higgledy tokens
19 Basic Kingdom cards
9 Upgraded Kingdom cards
40 Quest cards
34 Enemy cards
2 Boss cards
45 Resource Tokens

We've taken this game to multiple conventions across UK and USA and interest has been extremely high! With the recently released feature length Ni no Kuni™ anime in Japan and the original game having a remastered release for PS4 and PC in September Ni no Kuni™ is a brand that will be at the forefront of gamers and Studio Ghibli fan's minds.


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