NameCrystal Heart (Savage Worlds)
EAN / ISBN978-1-9161393-0-5
ErscheinungsterminDezember 2019
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Become an Agent of Syn,
replace your heart with a Crystal,
and gain superpowers!
(also lose your mind, but just a little)

In the world of Crystal Heart, people's hearts are literally made of stone. Agents of the mysterious organization Syn scour the world in search of Crystals, powerful relics of a bygone age.

Syn Agents replace their hearts with these Crystals, which grant incredible powers... but also affect the bearer’s personality in unpredictable ways.

Inspired by the styles and sensibilities of anime and superhero media, the Crystal Heart setting was developed in the webcomic Up to Four Players as the characters were playing it. Now you too can become a Syn Agent, explore ancient ruins and hunt down powerful Crystals!

This book includes:
Rules for using and misusing Crystals
Dozens of Crystals for the players to find
Guidelines for creating new Crystals
Everything you should know about Syn (and a few things you shouldn’t)
Adventure-inspiring details on each of the Five Lands
A full Plot Point campaign spanning 8 adventures
Adversaries worthy of your antagonism, whether human, animal or Crystal-touched
And all the Edges, Hindrances, weapons and setting rules needed to create the coolest Crystal Heart experience possible

Designed for use with Savage Worlds (Adventure Edition).


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