NameArchnumen Aurora – Mercenary Warcaster/Convergence Solo/Convergence Unit (metal/resin)
EAN / ISBN875582025693
ErscheinungsterminApril 2020
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Archnumen Aurora

Prefect Hypatia

Negation Angels (3)

Second only to the Iron Mother in her command of the Convergence of Cyriss, Aurora has been elevated to the rank of archnumen, and with that rise, her battle armor has been reformed to match the archnumen’s increasingly formidable nature. Aurora is joined by her most trusted and beloved lieutenant, Prefect Hypatia, to lead a host of negation angels into battle at the archnumen’s side.

TRADE POINTS: This box set not only includes the new warcaster Archnumen Aurora but a powerful character solo in Prefect Hypatia and a unit of deadly Negation Angels. This box is unique in that it acts as a sort of “mini-starter” for a player looking to begin building an army led by the new Aurora.

Aurora herself is a Mercenary warcaster with Partisan Convergence, meaning she can be used as the primary warcaster in either a Mercenary or Convergence army. While Prefect Hypatia and the Negation Angels are Convergence models, a new dual faction theme force is forthcoming that will allow them to work alongside Archnumen Aurora in certain Mercenary armies.


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