NameRocket Gantry – Monsterpocalypse Building (resin) Blister
EAN / ISBN875582025853
ErscheinungsterminJuni 2020
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While the Monsterpocalypse has pushed science to boundless new frontiers, some long-running programs have lost funding. This has led to the abandonment of some structures no longer deemed necessary. The rarest of these facilities are the rockets that used to propel man into space. As they sit rusting, these lonely relics of a simpler age have attracted all manner of con men, crackpots, and dreamers. As the Monsterpocalypse intensifies, many of the abandoned rockets have been salvaged by those who want to use them to flee Earth. Few, if any, of the vehicles are capable of spaceflight, and most of the launches to date have ended in more catastrophes than less.


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