NameLord Azazello – Riot Quest Fighter/Rogue (metal) Box
EAN / ISBN875582025891
ErscheinungsterminJuni 2020
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The dashing and daring Lord Azazello is no simple bandit—he’s a legendary Farrow thief and adventurer. Before the apocalypse, Azazello made a small fortune robbing the Ordic elite in unbelievable heists. A noble would barely have time to notice Azazello and his band of hand-selected henchmen swinging down from the chandeliers before they were robbed of both their jewelry and their pride.

Not much has changed for Azazello since the world went boom; he travels the wastes seeking great adventures, so long as they pay well.

Lord Azazello is also playable in WARMACHINE & HORDES as a Minion Farrow Warlock that supports infantry heavy armies in ways that Minion players have never seen before.


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