NameMalvin & Mayhem – Riot Quest Boss Fight Expansion (mixed) Box
EAN / ISBN875582025907
ErscheinungsterminJuni 2020
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Gobbers are supposed to be cute, adorable little tech-savvy scamps, right? WRONG! Meet Malvin, the master of mechanical mayhem. He couldn’t give a gorax’s toe how cute you think he is. No, Malvin is too busy engineering evil inventions in order to help him get exactly what he wants: everyone else’s stuff!

Enter Mayhem, Malvin’s newest creation, a custom warjack with a bad attitude and a wonky cortex. Mayhem is the brawn to Malvin’s undeniably genius brain.

Malvin & Mayhem are ready to take on every crew wandering the ruins of Immoren, if they’re dumb enough to actually fight back.

TRADE POINTS: This expansion introduces an entirely new way to play Riot Quest: co-op Boss Fight! Players can use the special rules insert and Boss cards found in this expansion to battle their Crews against a super-powered Malvin & Mayhem. This mode can be played by 1–4 players, though solo mode can be a bit of a challenge.

Additionally, the Malvin & Mayhem model can be played as a standard member of a player’s Crew in any game mode of Riot Quest. This expansion also includes a normal Hero stat card and Riot Gear cards for when Malvin & Mayhem are played regularly.

Malvin & Mayhem are also playable in WARMACHINE & HORDES as a very unique Mercenary Minion Gobber Heavy Warjack that is completely independent of any warcaster or ’jack marshal. They can be included in any army or theme force that also includes another Gobber model!


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