Tesselator – Convergence Light Warjack (metal/resin)
Negator – Convergence Light Warjack (metal/resin)
Negation Angels – Convergence Unit (metal)
Cyriss Warcaster Divinity Architect Father Lucant Solo
Cyriss Warcaster - Aurora, Numen of Aerogenesis Blister
Cyriss Transverse Enumerator Unit Attachment
Cyriss Steelsoul Protector Solos
Cyriss Servitors Solo (3)
Cyriss Reductors Unit Box (10) (plastic)
Cyriss Reciprocators Unit Box (5) (plastic)
Cyriss Perforators Unit Box (5) (plastic)
Cyriss Optifex Directive Unit (3)
Cyriss Obstructors Unit Box (10) (plastic)
Cyriss Mitigator Light Vector Box (plastic)
Cyriss Iron Mother Directrix & Servitors Warcaster Unit (3)
Cyriss Galvanizer Light Vector Box (plastic)
Cyriss Eradicators Unit Box (5) (plastic)
Cyriss Enigma Foundry (Box)
Cyriss Elimination Servitors Solo (3) Blister
Cyriss Diffuser Light Vector Box (plastic)
Cyriss Corollary Light Vector (plastic)
Cyriss Clockwork Angels Unit Box (3)
Cyriss Cipher/Inverter/Monitor Heavy Vector Box (plastic)
Cyriss Axis, The Harmonic Enforcer Warcaster
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